House flipping

House Flipping:

The art of buying, renovating and selling

The term house flipping used primarily in the USA to describe a mechanism which appears simple: it consists of buying a property to be restored and resold in a short time, gaining from this operation more than what was spent. It is therefore a form of real estate investment that allows diversifying the risks of the financial portfolio.

With our experience we can offer the customer the assistance he needs throughout the buying and selling process; operations can in fact be delicate and risky, and it is important to pay attention throughout the development to achieve success.

It is very important not to improvise, not to turn the business into a failure. Our skills and knowledge in the real estate market, finance and taxation ensure that the client is sheltered, in a comfortable position with a well-defined plan.

The different phases of house flipping are:

  • Definition of a budget;
  • Identification of the opportunity to be purchased
  • Creation of the Business Plan, project and certified restructuring costs
  • Creation of an ad hoc real estate marketing strategy
  • Rendering, listed plans and furniture project
  • Restructuring, delivery and after-sale service

We can follow the customer in all these phases, proposing a property or simply supporting him in his project.

Knowing the strengths, weaknesses and desires of the market in which we operate, allows us to reduce the risk of error and define the best selling price after valorisation.

Furthermore, from our experience we know that it is essential to analyze and know the restructuring costs and formulate a business plan, as well as consider the estimated time for each single operation.

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