Why D’Addario, Carnabuci & Partners

We are fast and efficient

The statistics of our negotiations precede us. Although the engagement agreement to sell the property within 6 months, we sell 97% of the properties within just 3 months. Are you wondering how it is possible? By planning every process before the customer who wish to sell his property comes to us, with a consolidated scheme and a network of dedicated professionals.

We perfectly know the target audience

The luxury property market is an independent universe compared to other types of real estate markets. To be efficient, we need to know it perfectly and in this we are among the best. With a list of relationships cultivated with care over the years, and growing, we can quickly identify the most appropriate target according to the property to sell. This because we perfectly know the wishes of our customers before the property is sold.

We drive you during all the phases

From the moment you enter the door of our offices, until we have successfully completed the sale of your property, you will be assisted with care by the best professionals who will respond to all your needs. You will have a reference property advisor that will ensure that you do not have to worry about anything during the entire sale process of your property.

Come and meet us, without obligation.

We will evaluate your situation together and offer you the solutions that best suit your needs.

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