D’Addario, Carnabuci & Partners has always been concerned with issues of environmental protection and sustainability. To provide an effective and consistent contribution over time, we follow and require our partners and collaborators to follow a set of behaviours that become a daily habit. Even small gestures can help to improve the world we live in and will leave to our descendants.
Energy saving
We avoid waste and reduce consumption by using LED lamps in all work environments and turning off electrical equipment at the end of the day.
Smart travel
From inspections to travel for customer meetings in Milan, Lombardy, and, where possible, the rest of Italy, we prefer to take the train to reduce emissions and use the city's public transportation network. For short trips, we also use car sharing or a personal bicycle or a subscription (bike sharing).
We save the trees
We have significantly reduced our paper consumption and, when necessary, use Ecolabel recycled paper as well as fonts and formats that save ink and, thus, printer toner. We prefer to distribute and consult documents via email, USB sticks, and tablets. We have used the copier machine only when absolutely necessary.
Recyclable materials
We have reduced the use of disposable plastic elements to a minimum; we use 100 percent compostable glass or plastic bottles; and for laser printers and photocopiers, we use eco-compatible toner with full refill, which is done in refilling centres.
"Eco" coffee
We only use fully recyclable pods for our daily coffee preparation.
Separate Waste Collection
We are constantly striving to achieve the best possible separate collection in the workplace, and we are constantly updating ourselves on methods and techniques to save energy and reduce our environmental impact.

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